An electrical and software engineer with extensive design experience in military, aerospace, and commercial realms, as well as extensive Search and Rescue and amateur radio experience.

Android Apps

While at the Oso, WA, mudslide in 2014, I came up with an idea for an Android application to QUICKLY convert between various coordinate systems. I had done similar software for a Linux application in the past, but wished for something portable that wouldn't depend on the internet or a full-blown computer. This new Android app easily allows you to choose the input coordinate system with the swipe of a finger. You key in a few digits, press a button, and it immediately converts to ALL coordinate systems that it knows about! "Coordinates NOW!" is available from the Google Play store as well as the Amazon Appstore.

Hardware Projects

I joined Search and Rescue in 1999 with the intent of improving search efficiency and team safety by introducing them to amateur radio APRS, a form of GPS tracking. A ruggedized tracker suitable for SAR was not available at the time, so demo's with cobbled-together trackers were attempted, then deemed not suitable for hard-core SAR use. Recently I designed a stand-alone ruggedized tracker and am a few months from getting it to market. Look for it soon!