Brief intro to products talk

Post date: Sep 24, 2015 7:47:35 PM

I gave a talk at the NWAPRS Digital Summer Gathering on Sept 12, 2015. A few minutes of the talk was about "CoordinatesNOW!", the rest was about the up-and-coming hardware APRS tracker. I didn't hear much in the way of negative comments on the design, heard a few ew's and ah's when I mentioned that it digipeated & pre-emptively digipeated, and fielded several good questions during the presentation. Afterwards, a couple of SAR guys from Oregon cornered me and we had a good talk. I believe the presentation was video-taped so am attempting to get a copy of that. I think I pretty well know what is needed in my county's SAR group and am working as fast as I can to plug that hole. I look forward to hearing from other SAR groups about their requirements!